The Royal in Shaw a Royal Treat

Saturday I food myself at the Royal with my spouse – we each had different views on the joint.  I loved the South American influence of the food and could not have been happier with my arepa.  It was a light cornmeal type sandwich with an egg, avocado, tomatoes, cojita cheese with a vinegary sauce to pour of top.  It was served in a paper envelope which made it easier to eat – you could smoosh the food up toward the top of the envelope as you ate.  As an “appetizer” (yes – it was one of those mornings where you need a sweet treat before the savory breakfast) I had a cardamom raison scone – it was spicy and a little dry but the flavor made up the dryness.  My spouse had a blueberry muffin that was super moist as an appetizer then scrambled eggs and potatoes for his main course.  I thought the potatoes were delightful because of the cilantro and other spices – a unique taste.  My spouse thought they were a little greasy.

As for the coffee – I went iced and my spouse went hot – it was just OK but I think we all know that coffee is an individual taste so others may love it.  I found it a bit to sharp and not really smooth.

We sat outside – I loved all the traffic noise – reminded me of other cities like New York where you have the buzz all around.  My spouse was distracted by the traffic noise finding it too much.

The decor was charming, heavy wood, wrought iron and big windows letting in lights of light.

The wait staff was awesome.  Answered our crazy questions patiently and was happy to bring out the food and then to box it up.  You oder at the bar and then the food is bussed to your table.

Definitely heading back but probably without the spouse.

First blog post

After spending a good portion of today reading the New York Times food section, Food and Wine, the Baked website, and the Washington Post food section and being completely intrigued and fascinated with all the possibilities but not sure how to keep track of the possibilities – I have started this blog.  I will write about what I aspire to cook or bake, where I aspire to eat, what I aspire to drink and will have a record.  I will also record where I have eaten, what I have drank and what I have cooked and baked.