Haluski – The Perfect Food

I married an Italian.  Before I married him, I dated him.  And, while we were dating we talked of food and he cooked a lot of Italian food for me.  Not to have the Italian food outshine the food of my heritage – I proudly informed him that I would make him “cabbage and noodles” also known as haluski.  He looked at me as if I were crazy and then declared that it sounded gross.  This of course coming from the man who came from the land of luscious tomatoes, sweet basil, creamy mozzarella cheese, delightful ricotta cheese, and on and on.  You could see why he would think my offering was not worthy.

Until he tried it…. now he like me is in love with haluski.

Its so easy to make – take a head of cabbage – chop it up.  Take a half a stick of butter toss it in a big huge pot.  Through in the chopped cabbage.  On low heat, let it cook, stirring regularly until the cabbage begins to loose some of its liquid and starts to get fragrant.  Meanwhile, in another huge pot, boil water for egg noodles.  When the cabbage is soft and a little bit brown and the noodles are cooked and drained – toss it all together.

Add some salt and dig in.  Comfort food at its very best.  Even the Italian agrees.