Harrisonburg, VA Microbrewery

Harrisonburg, Virginia a small college town nestled in the Shenandoah Mountains has a charming worthwhile food scene and microbrew scene.

A welcoming microbrew, Pale Fire Brewing Co. is part of that scene.

It is situated in an building called the  Ice House  because …. it was a former ice house.  🙂

The Pale Fire space is roomy with both indoor and outdoor seating.  It has high wooden tables with cool metal chairs, a huge u-shaped bar, a big fire place with overstuffed chairs, and a big shelf of books.  The indoor area merges with the outdoor area because of garage door like doors that on nice days open to a big porch with wrought iron tables and chairs.  Dogs are welcome outside, there were three there on the day we visited.

The staff at Pale Fire is attentive, fun, engaging and knowledgeable.  They gave us the beer list and asked if we wanted them to walk us through the selections.  No need for that because the descriptions of the beers were spot on.  My favorites were a pale ale called Village Green and a stout called Lucille.  The Village Green was crisp, light, fruity, smooth but still packed plenty of flavor.  The Lucille was really dark, creamy with a bit of chocolate and coffee depth to it.

Pale Fire does not have a kitchen so it only serves snack foods like pretzels and chips.  But, they have a great partnership with the other restaurants in the Ice House complex so you can go order your food at one of the other restaurants and they bring it over to you in the Pale Fire.  So no food at Pale Fire – no problem at all.

The atmosphere, staff and beer made for a fabulous fall Saturday afternoon.

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