Stubbs – You Can Do Better

Stubbs Legendary Bar-B-Que I am sorry to report is living off its legendary status rather than its current goods.  Bar-b-que aficionados know Stubbs.  In fact Stubbs is so well-known, you can buy their sauce at the grocery store up here in the north.   A great American story Stubbs is and his restaurant undoubtedly deserves its legendary status.  Its just not a good meal.

It was started by Christopher B. Stubblefield after he got of the US military.  He started cooking across the street from the fair grounds in Lubbock Texas and not only encouraged good eating but great music.  Legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Thorogood, Linda Ronstadt and others all had the opportunity to sing their hearts out at his joint.  This alone makes a visit worthwhile.

When we got there, a band was playing and the place was filled.  We were hustled to our seats and then hustled to order, to wrap up and pay.  They needed to turn those tables and, you were not going to stop them.  We had virtually no connection to the wait staff who took our orders or dropped our food off, they did not bother to connect. They rush over, grab your order than rush back plopping down a metal tray with whatever it is you ordered.

The food was at best mediocre.  First, the collard greens lacked any real flavor and were cold when they came out.  Second, the cole slaw also lacked any flavor.  Third, the fried okra was too hard for my liking and did not have much flavor; and it too came out cold.

As for the  beef and pork bar-b-que, the signature dishes, both were dry rubbed and both were a little dry.  The Stubbs’ sauce is on the table so, I drenched the meat with it.  But, even that did not up the flavor game.  They give you a piece of bread to put your meat on  – think of a thicker piece of Wonder Bread and you got what they serve you.  In fact, it almost looked like that weird bread you get when you are a kid in the cafeteria – the crust is almost the same color as the bread and it has no distinguishable taste; and it sort of becomes the consistency of Play-Do once you start eating it.  To my mind, you can do so much better in Austin if you want good bar-b-que and good music.  I am grateful to Stubbs for what he has done for music and good bar-b-que but, his restaurant has seen better days.

On the plus side – they have a good beer selection both on tap and in bottles.  So if you want to check it out, drown your meal with some good beer – drink enough and anything is tasty.

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