Tarragon at Inn at Honey Run – Holmes County Ohio


So this place is in Amish country Ohio.  You hear Ohio call itself the heart of it all – this place is exactly why.  You have to drive far to get there – no matter what city you live in.  (its about 70 miles from Cleveland and probably about the same from Columbus) Soft rolling hills, amish buggies being pulled by horses, lots of cows and sheep languishing in lush fields, corn, soybeans and trees.

The Inn at Honey Run is nestled in the side, literally of a little hill and you can walk to dinner past the sheep and the golden rod in the fall.  The rooms are fabulous – modern, with all the amenities and many have their own stone patio to sit on.  You won’t even want to leave to go to Tarragon for dinner.  But you gotta go because its a great meal with a great atmosphere.

The Tarragon restaurant has huge glass windows looking out over the woods – almost all tables sit right by a window.  We ate dinner while watching birds, to include a turkey frolic in the woods.  The restaurant has a clean modern feel but warm not cold and trendy – its quiet and peaceful.

The staff was attentive and Ohio earnest – Ohio friendly.  Our waitress was genuinely thrilled that we enjoyed our meal so.

The menu is contemporary American.  We started with potato gnocchi with blue cheese, apples, and honey.  It was the perfect fall dish.  The flavors combined for an interesting earthy taste but the gnocchi were not overwhelmed by the flavors.

For dinner we had scallops, pea shoots over pureed parsnips with a bit of ginger jam – AWESOME.  Intense flavors combined perfectly to compliment one another.

The dessert selection is diverse and extensive enough that everyone will find something to make them happy.  We shared the vanilla creme brûlée – intense vanilla flavor, smooth as silk with the crunchy topic – a classic prepared to perfection.

One note of warning – Sundays no alcoholic beverages at all – its the law of the county.  You can’t even bring your own in… boy did I want a nice glass of barolo!  Next time.

We finished and went back to the room and silent in the silence on the little porch – heaven.

The Inn at Honey Run


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