Peach Pie – Not Good

My husband wanted a peach pie.  Easy – I can make those things all day long and love doing it.  I bought simply gorgeous white Virginia peaches that – well tasted a little flat.  Would not you know… the pie looks gorgeous and has good consistency but, tastes a little flat.  So disappointing but boy did I love baking it.

And, as my aunt and my mom do….. if you have the oven on you might as well make other things as well.  So I also baked banana bread – tried a new recipe with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I got the recipe from an old cooking magazine, I can’t remember which one.  I also baked banana (I store up a lot of bananas in the freezer) oat, chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies were fantastic in flavor – just enough banana but you can clearly last it- the oats added a great heaviness and chocolate in anything takes it to the next level.  The banana bread was fabulous also.  My husband is taking the banana bread to work but we sliced it making it easy to carry and to allow us to eat some – it was relish!  Heavy, moist, banana tasting – will make again.


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