Raspberry Jam

Made raspberry jam about two weeks ago with berries my friend picked at his farm.

Bursting with raspberry flavor, a gorgeous vibrant red color, all the “jars” popped so were properly sealed… but…

The jam never really set.  My mom, the maestro of all things food, especially canning -declared:  “That’s what happens when you double the recipe.  Only make one batch at a time.”  And, at one point when my husband and I told her it was not getting thicker the longer I cooked it – that it was getting more watery – she exclaimed:  “Hogwash, that is scientifically impossible – it won’t get more watery the longer it cooks, its just your imagination.”  She was right but it never did thicken.

Remembering back on the first jam I ever made with my husband – we realized we had the luck of the rookie with us – it was perfect and it set.

So… we will just have to do it again – wonderful wonderful moments of making jam with my mom growing up and my husband now.


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