Woodstock Brewhouse – Totally Cool (Hint Not in NY but VA)

In tiny, adorable, authentic, tucked away in the Shenandoah Mountains town of Woodstock, Virginia is a hip, cool brewery with mouthwatering bar-b-que and an enticing variety of brews – Woodstock Brewhouse.

The Woodstock Brewhouse sits about a half a block off the main drag  of Woodstock. It is easy to find parking on the street out front.  There are maybe two tables outside but not worth sitting there given the buzz inside.

You walk in, its a wide open industrial space with big metal tables, a bar that overlooks the brew operations which are located in the basement.  You can sit at the bar and look down at the brewing.  Big huge windows and high ceilings give the sense of being in a “great hall.”  Laughter and teasing and hubbub is all around.  The owners, local folks from Shenandoah have created a true sense of community – in fact one of the regulars at the bar asked if I wanted  to try his beer -even though I never met him – to try and help as I made my beer selections.

All the way in the back is the bar and kitchen where you place your order.  Over to the right in the back are napkins, plastic cutlery, and the scrumptious with just the right amount of snappiness bar-b-que sauces made in-house.  Once you place your order, you get your beer immediately and your food is brought to your table.

As for the beers – the Brewhouse always makes new varieties from crisp pale ales to long, heavy stouts and porters.  Friday when we were there – some had the Casey Jones Vanilla Porter – it was so smooth we drank too much and had to stop at a custard place to get sober enough to drive on.  The porter was heavy with a hint of coffee and way smooth.  It was tough to taste any vanilla.  The Seven Bender Pale Ale was crisp and citrusy with a hint of sweet.

The menu is limited – brats and bar-b-que.   The pulled pork sandwich and beef brisket were perfect.  The meat was flavor and tender.  Both the heavier tomato sauce and the vinegar sauce were tangy and perfect to enhance the meat.  We also ordered the mac and cheese – pasta was not overcooked and it was dripping with a creamy, zesty cheese sauce.

And… then when you find that you drank too much and lingered for too long and need to let the buzz dissipate so you can stop at Katie’s Custard (870 West Main Street, Woodstock) – a little custard shop right off the Woodstock main drag as you head out of town back to 81 and sadly leave this little town and get back to life.