Orange-Almond Cake

So a couple of weeks ago I made this Orange-Almond Cake that was in my Food and Wine magazine.  I was curious about it since it called for pureeing the oranges and then adding them to almond flour, sugar and a couple other ingredients.  My curiosity was initial replaced with horror when half the cake got stuck in the pan as I tried to release it – rookie mistake in the cake baking world.  I was just impatient to try the cake and had not loosed it enough before trying to slip it out of the pan.  Then, my horror of having a cake that was broken in half was quickly replaced with complete delight as the spouse and I took warm pieces of broken cake and popped them into our mouths.  Then the delight went on steroids when we added the orange flavored fresh whipping cream to the broken pieces of cake.  The cake was a moist, heavy, orange flavored delight.  Thankfully it was just the two of us so the fact it was broken apart did not matter – no guests to serve it to.

But I am not a huge orange fan so, as I popped broken pieces of cake into my mouth – I started scheming on another fruit that can replace the oranges – and… it will be raspberries.  I have not done a raspberry version yet so stay tuned.

Here is the link to the recipe – I highly recommend it:  Food and Wine Orange-Almond Cake


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